(Science Fiction / Space Opera)

Book Three of The Circuit Trilogy (Diversion Books, Aethon Books)

The time to return to Earth has come…

Cassius builds an android army under the control of ADIM in order to attack Tribune Benjar Vakari. While ADIM loves his creator unconditionally, he grows more independent by the day in his methods. Soon, he may be too powerful for anyone to stop.

Talon Rayne teams up with Sage Volus once more when Talon discovers that his daughter has been captured by the very Tribune Cassius Vale is after. Together, they have no choice but to ask for his help in saving her.

Are they just another cog in his scheme for bringing down the Tribune, or is there a part of him left that cares about anything other than vengeance?

Experience the stunning conclusion to The Circuit Saga, which the San Francisco Book Review called, “space opera that fans of Firefly and its ilk will appreciate.”

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Praise for The Circuit: Falling Earth

    • “The Circuit trilogy is a story of politics, commerce and religion in a world where everyone’s survival depends upon the cooperation of others. But it also answers the question over and again of what sort of world we should leave for our children.” SFCrowsnest
    • “If intelligent, evolving androids are your jam and space battles are your peanut butter than this story will likely rock your space socks.” Cellar Door Lit Rants & Reviews
    • “…An incredibly satisfying conclusion to the Circuit trilogy! ” Space Station Mir
    • “This last installment of The Circuit is amazing! Bruno continues to develop his protagonists throughout this book, but the focus seems to be on ADIM’s evolution and how its ability to think independently influences Vale’s end game.” OnMyKindle
    • “It should appeal to many SF fans, but I can’t recommend reading this out of order of the rest of the trilogy! Together, they make up a pretty awesome tale.” Top Goodreads Reviewer, Brad Horner