(Science Fiction / Space Opera)

Book Two of The Circuit Trilogy 

Release date – March 15, 2016 (Diversion Books)

Synopsis: In the thrilling sequel to The Circuit: Executor Rising the actions of ex-Tribune Cassius Vale have drawn the Circuit into open war. Together with his beloved creation ADIM, he proposes a surprising alliance between himself and the Ceresian Pact in order to defeat the New Earth Tribunal.

After arriving on Ceres Prime,  ADIM, ever the loyal companion, is hesitant to help the Ceresians as is asked of him. Their hatred for his Creator will never wane and he starts to  understand the danger all of Cassius’ many rivals pose. ADIM must realize the true magnitude of his abilities in order to keep him safe.

When Sage Volus finds herself a captive of Cassius, she begins to struggle with her role in the coming war, and what exactly it means to be an Executor. The removal of her cybernetic implant reveals emotions she thought she’d buried too deep to be found. She must make a decision on who she truly wants to serve: Cassius Vale, The Tribune, or herself.

After breaking free of the Solar-Ark Amerigo and certain death, Talon Rayne  finds himself in unusual company. His quests to hold his daughter again brings him to places he never thought he’d go; into the very arms of his people’s most hated foe.

Continue the fight for the future of humanity in the second installment of The Circuit Trilogy!

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Praise for Rhett Bruno and The Circuit: Progeny of Vale

    • “I love the concept of ‘The Circuit’, I’m invested in the characters and I can’t wait to see where Bruno takes the story next.”SFcrowsnest
    • “If you are sad you already saw Star Wars twenty times already and can’t afford the twenty first? Then take a look at this story, I believe it will provide a good Science Fiction fix for the story addict in us all.”Cellar Door Lit Rants & Reviews
    • “If you liked the first book you will like this one and if you have not read the first book I personally think it is worthwhile reading.”PG’s Ramblings
    • “A welcome continuation of the first book in the series… Here’s hoping for a big payoff at the end!” Space Station Mir