Release date – December 11, 2017

Two men are caught on either side of a violent offworld revolution in a standalone novel set in the universe of Titanborn.

After sparking revolution against Earth throughout the offworld colonies of Titan, Kale Trass must deal with the hardships of leading. He travels deep into enemy territory for a chance to discuss peace, but peace is the last thing on his mind.

Malcolm Graves was once an infamous Collector for a powerful Earther Corporation – until he nearly lost his life on Titan. Now he’s retired, but when Kale’s wake of destruction follows him to Mars and claims the life of a friend, he is thrust back into a fight he thought he left behind.

“Pulse Pounding sci-fi with compelled characters and a satisfying balance of action and mystery. Great fun!” — Robert Kroese, bestselling author of The Big Sheep.