Review of “Starship Grifters,” by Robert Kroese

Starship Grifters  by Robert Kroese

Publisher: 47North
Genre: Sci-fi/Comedy
Length: Novel (215 pages)
Rating: 5/5 stars

This book opened me up to an entire sub-genre I didn’t think I would enjoy. Sci-fi farce/comedy. I’ve never been one to enjoy comedic fiction as I’ve always found the genre is better suited for TV or Movies. Boy was I wrong.

This book is a hilarious romp through a far-future galaxy that exposes some of the ridiculous throughout the Star Wars Saga and in science fiction in genre. That’s not to say this is dumb, however, If anything it’s quite the opposite. Mr. Kroese is a brilliant writer. Even when he isn’t being funny every line of this book crackles with energy. And for every witty reference there is a smart creation of his own such as their form of Rationalizing Interstellar Travel. And as much as I was laughing throughout, I never felt disconnected from the silly universe created in this book.

At the heart of the story is the relationship between sarcastic, self-centered and self-proclaimed legend, Rex Nihilo, and his robot partner Sasha. He’s a conman always on the lookout for a pay day and she is a semi-sentient robot unable to tell a lie or develop an have original original thought. Their banter and antics hold the entire story together. Every time she has to get him out of a mess of his own design or pour him a margarita while he watches others do his bidding.

The story here isn’t going too win any awards, but it’s almost secondary to me. This is a parody of science fiction through and through, and an adventure filled with mishaps and accidental victories. Every member in the supporting cast is great and will keep you laughing, but nobody does it like Rex. Any time he opens his mouth it’s gold, obnoxious gold, but gold nonetheless. I highly recommend this novel, especially for those who haven’t tried this sub-genre before and are looking for something fresh

This book can be purchased for kindle here.

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