Vicarious is Now Available on Audible (Narrated by Wil Wheaton & Katherine McNamara)

I’m so excited to announce the release of VICARIOUS on Audible, narrated by the legendary Wil Wheaton and actress Katherine McNamara (Shadowhunters, Arrow, & The Stand).

This is my most ambitious novel to date, described as The Truman Show meets The 100 in a story about the power of human connection in a tech-addicted world.

Thank you to Podium Audio for producing and the publisher Aethon Books, and to the narrators whose performances brought these characters to life in a way I couldn’t imagine.

Listen exclusively on Audible.

Vicarious Audiobook By Rhett C. Bruno cover art

The real world is only where you breathe…

In High Earth, digital entertainment is everything. Shows. Virtual worlds. Simulations – there’s something for everybody in a city where working for a living has been rendered obsolete by technological advancements. Even a short walk outside to visit with others is no longer necessary. Just load into the network and you can be with anyone, anywhere.

For Asher Reinhart, nothing compares to Ignis; a live reality show that pushes human beings to their very extremes. As a volunteer director, Asher closely monitors the lives of those living on an interstellar ark, believing they’re the last of humanity.

But when it’s determined that the life of the show’s brightest star, Mission, must be put in danger to boost declining ratings, Asher is forced to choose: the show he loves or the woman whose existence has been the focus of his attention since the day he was born.

From number-one Audible best-selling author and Nebula Award nominee Rhett C. Bruno comes a story about the power of human connection. The Truman Show meets Ready Player One in a novel perfect for fans of Hugh Howey, Kim Stanley Robinson, and Michael Crichton.

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