I am the USA Today Bestselling & Nebula Award nominated Sci-Fi/Fantasy Author of the CIRCUIT SERIES (Diversion Books, Podium Publishing), BURIED GODDESS SAGA (Aethon Books, Audible Studios) and the CHILDREN OF TITAN SERIES (Aethon Books, Audible Studios). I am also one of the founders of the popular Sci-fi / Fantasy platforms, Sci-Fi Bridge & Fantasy Bridge.

I have been writing since I can remember, scribbling down what I thought were epic short stories when I was young to show to my friends and family. When I reached high school, I decided to take that a step further and write my first novel, which is still sitting in a drawer somewhere.

While studying architecture at Syracuse University, I continued to write as much as he could, but finding the time during the brutal curriculum proved difficult. It wasn’t until I was a senior that I decided to finally pursue my passion for Science Fiction. After rededicating myself to reading works of the Science Fiction authors I always loved, (Frank Herbert, Timothy Zahn, Heinlein, etc.) I began writing “The Circuit: Executor Rising”, the first part of a space opera series.

Now, I’m a full-time author living in Connecticut with my wife and dog Raven. I also recently earned a Certificate in Screenwriting from the New School in NYC, in the hopes of one day writing for TV or Video Games. I am represented by Evan Gregory of the Ethan Ellenberger Agency.