The Isinda Trilogy

ISINDA TRILOGY (Epic Teen Fantasy)

Finished by the time he was 17, these were the first stories Rhett developed into novels. He hoped to craft a legend with heroes reminiscent of those in ancient Greek & Roman myths.

fallen dagger

Isinda: Fallen Dagger (Book One)

Synopsis: After the collapse of the mighty Deimor Empire, the majestic land of Isinda is once again trapped in an era of war and chaos.  With the land returned to its bloody tradition, a single hero must rise from the chains of slavery and illuminate a path of unity that none have ever dreamed of before. Discover the destiny of a hero in the first installment of the Isinda Trilogy, Isinda: Fallen Dagger.      Amazon

sapphire blade

Isinda: Sting of the Sapphire Blade (Book Two)

Synopsis: The reign of war continues in the second installment of the Isinda Trilogy. As Zano’s quest to bring peace to Isinda continues, can old alliances persevere? The past and present will collide as Zano must answer the questions that will determine his future – and the fate of Isinda.     Amazon


Isinda: Curse of the Sleeping Dragon (Book Three)

Synopsis: In the final installment of the Isinda Trilogy an ancient evil will rise, testing the loyalties and hearts of heroes. Will Zano’s strength be enough to see it undone before his quest to bring peace can be achieved? Or will emperor Sila pit all his enemies against each other in order to conquer Isinda once and for all?      Amazon