The Complete Circuit Trilogy (Omnibus Edition)

The Complete Circuit Saga (Omnibus Edition)

Release date – October 31, 2017 (Diversion Books)

Perfect for fans of The Expanse! The complete Circuit Trilogy features more than 750 pages of heart-pounding space opera intrigue.

Earth is a dying planet. To survive, humanity founds the Circuit, a string of colonies across the solar system, dedicated to mining resources vital to preserving what remains of mankind.

The New Earth Tribunal, a powerful religious faction, rises to rule the Circuit. They believe a Spirit within the Earth will one day appear and welcome humanity back home. Following a string of seemingly random attacks, the Tribunal suspects its mortal enemy, the Ceresians, have again rallied to challenge their absolute rule.

Join an unlikely band of would-be saviors–the Tribunal’s best spy, a roguish Ceresian mercenary, a subservient android and a disgraced general–as they are drawn into a conspiracy destined to change the Circuit forever.

A new, sinister threat has arisen–and it plans to bring down the Tribunal once and for all.

“Bruno has crafted a complex, multi-dimensional story that combines the best of his genre with age-old truths–and quandaries–about humanity, politics, religion, family, and, yes, love.” —Portland Book Review

Contains the Complete Trilogy: Executor Rising  |  Progeny of Vale  |  Earthfall

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The Complete Circuit Saga is now on Audio!

Release date – July 03, 2018 (Podium Publishing)

Rhett C. Bruno’s debut sci-fi series can now be enjoyed as an audiobook performed by the award-winning narrator of The Expanse Series, Jefferson Mays. 

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Praise for The Circuit Series:
  • “The Circuit Trilogy is an exciting space opera filled with mystery and action. If you love The Expanse or Battlestar Galactica, this is the series for you.” –Daniel Arenson, USA Today bestselling author of the Earthrise Series
  • “A hard-charging opener to a promising, if bloody, space-opera series.” –Kirkus Reviews on The Circuit: Executor Rising
  • “Space opera that fans of Firefly and its ilk will appreciate.” – San Francisco Book Review
  • “If you are a fan of The Expanse series, or anything remotely in the same vein, then The Circuit… is probably a book you should take a good, hard look at picking up sometime.” – 20four12
  • “As unique a story as any SciFi I’ve read in a while. I am now a fan of Rhett Bruno.” – Phillip Tomasso, bestselling author of the “Vaccination Series” 
  • “The Circuit is a hit and I urge you to give it a try.” – Speculative Fiction Review
  • “As imaginative and exciting as the story is, however, it wouldn’t work without a good cast of characters. ‘Executor Rising’ has ’em.”  – SFCrowsnest on The Circuit: Executor Rising
  • “This was a wild ride of mercenaries, thieving and political sabotage. Add a dash of sexual tension and I was hooked.” – Cellar Door Lit Rants & Reviews
– 2015 Cygnus Award Finalist
– 2015 National Indie Excellence Award Finalist
– 2014 Pinnacle Book Achievement Award Winner