The Roach

The Roach: A Dark Vigilante Thriller (Now Available)

A string of killings. An identity stolen. Only he can find the truth.

Reese Roberts was the guardian of Iron City. Its fearless protector. The only one willing to do whatever it takes… until he was shot on the streets and left paralyzed from the waist down.

Now, the vigilante known as the Roach has disappeared. Faded into legend.

It’s been years since Reese could take on crime and clean up the streets. He’s a shriveled old drunk, living like a hermit and waiting for his life to end. All that’s left to do is wallow in the mistakes that led him here. To wonder, if he went too far.

But when a copycat steals his suit and takes justice into his own hands, a new killer emerges, leaving brutal messages behind. He wants to eliminate the Roach for good this time.

It’s time for Reese to reemerge from his shell and fight back. Who else can stop the flurry of killings? Definitely not the corrupt police department. Iron City needs the Roach again. Only, this time, he’ll need to save it without his legs.

A dark and powerful journey into the broken mind of a disabled vigilante, clawing his way out of despair to stop a killer and protect his legacy. It’s perfect for fans of character-driven vigilante thrillers like Mr. Robot or Darkly Dreaming Dexter as well as darker superhero tales like Sin CityThe Punisher, and Watchmen.

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Praise for The Roach:

  • “A world worthy of being a sister city to Gotham. Gritty, grimy, and mesmerizing.”Actor Lou Diamond Phillips (Prodigal Son, La Bamba)
  • “White-knuckled and unfiltered. The Roach plunges you into the filth of the city and holds you under.”–James S. Murray, #1 Bestselling author of the Awakened series, and star of truTV’s Impractical Jokers.
  • “What would happen if Batman was in a wheelchair, drunk, and broke? Surviving in the big city, and taking on crime is tough enough when you’re at the top of your game. ‘The Roach’ is about being at the bottom. Great narration and dialogue, Rhett C. Bruno brings to life a character who’d rather be dead… or at least has a death wish.”— Darick Robertson, co-creator of The Boys (now a Prime Original Series)  
  • “A dark and powerful journey into the broken mind of a crippled vigilante, clawing his way out of despair to protect his legacy and his city. Reader beware: once you crack this novel open, you won’t be able to close it!”–Jeremy Robinson, NYT Bestselling author of Tribe and The Others
  • “The Roach dives into the psyche of a vigilante like I’ve never seen before. Captivating! I couldn’t put it down.”–Matthew Medney, CEO of Heavy Metal Magazine
  • “A grim but riveting deconstructed superhero tale.”–Kirkus Reviews
  • “The Roach is an unlikely, and at times unhinged, hero who is someone the working class can both empathize with, and cheer on as he continues to fight regardless of the obstacles thrown in his way.”–Colin F. Barnes, Bestselling author of the Codebreakers Series
  • “Sparked by Bruno’s precise prose, sparkling dialogue, and the chemistry between Reese and Laura, The Roach is one of the year’s best thrillers.”–
  • “A dyed in the wool, no-holds-barred, old-school vigilante. Absolutely badass!”–Jeffery H. Haskell, author of Arsenal
  • “It’s rare that a novel leaves you glued to your seat, wanting to read it again, but The Roach is certainly one of them…”–Book Viral

Awards for The Roach:

  • Winner of the 2020 Best Indie Book Award for Action / Adventure
  • Finalist for the 2020 Millennium Book Award
  • Named a Best Thriller of 2020 by