VICARIOUS (Now Available)

The real world is only where you breathe…

In High Earth, entertainment is everything. Virtual worlds, hyper-realistic simulations, endless streamable content–there’s something for everybody. You don’t ever have to leave your home. Even working is optional.

For Asher Reinhart, nothing compares to Ignis: Live, a reality show that pushes human beings to their very extremes. As a volunteer director, he closely monitors the lives of those living on an Interstellar Ark who believe they’re the last of humanity searching for a new Earth.

They aren’t… They’re just tonight’s entertainment.

Mission is the show’s brightest young star. Born in hiding, her intelligence and near-perfect genetics have allowed her to rise up the Ignis ranks faster than any before her. But now that it’s her turn to provide for the Ark, everything changes…

With Mission’s life placed in danger in order to boost ratings, Asher must choose between protecting the show he’s dedicated his life to, or the woman who has been the focus of his attention since the day he was born.

Vicarious (adjective): Experienced in the imagination through the feelings or actions of another person.

The 100 meets The Truman Show in this science fiction story about the power of human connection, from USA Today Bestselling and Nebula Award-Nominated author Rhett C. Bruno. It’s perfect for fans of Hugh Howey, Kim Stanley Robinson, and Michael Crichton.

This book is also available on Audible, narrated by Wil Wheaton (Star Trek: TNG, The Big Bang Theory) and actress Katherine McNamara (The Stand, Shadowhunters, Arrow).

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Praise for VICARIOUS:

  • “This perceptive take on the reality-TV-in-the-future premise deserves boffo ratings.”–Kirkus Reviews
  • “Haunting and unique; the best of what science fiction can and should be.”–actress Katherine McNamara
  • “A deep and a stunningly emotive story wrapped in a truly unique setting.”–Jasper T. Scott, USA Today Bestselling author of Dark Space
  • “Imagine if Hunger Games focused on a man helping to run the game instead of the game itself. A truly unique Sci-Fi story.”–#1 Audible Bestseller Jaime Castle
  • “A complex and highly detailed, well-thought out world.”–Adam Burch, author of Song of Edmon
  • “Bruno’s world draws you in and keeps you turning pages. An enjoyable read by a new voice in Science Fiction.”–Jamie McFarlane, bestselling author of the Privateer Tales