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Publishing News

Pre-order DOMINION RISING for 99-Cents and enter a Massive Reader Giveaway!

An exciting opportunity here everyone! DOMINION RISING is a box set of 22 sci-fi and fantasy reads from a host of bestselling authors and you can pre-order it now for only $0.99. That’s right. 99 cents and you get 22 original novels. I don’t know how anybody could pass up that deal!

Oh and if you follow the link below, you can enter a massive reader giveaway that includes the chance to win an ipad mini, 20 books, and more.

Pre-order and enter here!

Find the Science Fiction and Fantasy reads you’ve been craving! Whether it’s alien invasion or dark fairytales, heart-pounding galactic adventures or cyberpunk romance, Dominion Rising will satisfy with a thrilling mix of 22 BRAND NEW FULL LENGTH novels set in fantastical realms.

Sword and sorcery, far-flung galactic empires, alternative history, epic magic, slipstream futures: this collection of carefully selected, exclusive novels is sure to please and delight readers of speculative fiction.

Over five thousand pages packed with aliens, faeries, vampires, gargoyles, warriors, telepaths, space pirates, starship captains, hapless mercenaries, street urchins, robots, cyber-enhanced humans, badass heroines, and lost princesses.

This award-winning, New York Times, USA Today and International bestselling authors have left no stone in the science fiction and epic fantasy universe unturned to bring you the very best escape from planet Earth.

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Publishing News

PROSE: A New Home to Write and Share Your Work!

I hadn’t heart about TheProse until recently, but the man behind the magic there messaged me and asked if I might be interested in posting something. After looking through what they’re all about, I was intrigued. A place for writers to freely share their work, critique and interact? Sign me up! It’s a great idea and I’m a big fan of what I’ve seen. It reminds me of, only with a bit more organic of an interface and more of a focus on short fiction. Flash Fiction isn’t my usual jam, but for those who enjoy it this is an awesome site.

The piece I’ve decided to post is a bit of flash fiction experimentation titled “A God Among Us.” It’s about a lonely god who has lost his humanity. I was never really sure what to do with it, but I hope you all enjoy!!

Check out TheProse and my story here!

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